About Us

Gifts Personalised 4 U is a family run business, based in Reepham, Norfolk, where all our gifts are designed, printed and pressed in house by owner  Christine James-Crisp, with the helping hands of her children.

We began as a small business doing a few items such as cushions and mugs, but now we have branched out, doing so much more, with the introductions of gifts such as pillowcases, plaques, door signs, tote bags, make up brush holders, aprons and so much more we were able to expand our family loving business even further, giving customers a bigger choice.

Our business is only as good as our service to you, the customer. We provide a very high service and are only interested in our customer’s interests. As a result, we have many returning customers of all ages.


Welcome to the Gifts Personalised 4 U Family

Here’s a little about each member:

Christine, my mother, the strongest woman I know, raised me by herself while I suffered from cancer at the age of two and continuous health difficulties up until this day.

She has always had a strong work ethic, working for herself in various types of businesses from restaurant work to bouncy castles to todays personalised gift business that began back in 2012.

Having myself in 1993 and then my little brother in 2008 there is a huge age gap between us, but that just made our little family even closer.

Dylan, my little brother, is a home-educated kid who excels at parkour and loves to play on his consoles. He is a funny, clever little boy who can be very shy before you get to know him, and then his cheeky side will explode on you and make you smile and giggle at his hilarious antics.

Our Mother, Christine of course, has to home educate Dylan and our Step Brother Kyle and do her business at home at the same time, and sometimes this can become a very busy time. Which is why she has help from all of us as much as we can.

Stephen, my step father and husband to our mum, married in April 2014, is a hard-working lorry driver, he is unfortunately away most of the week and comes home mainly on weekends.

Then there is myself, married to my husband Kevin in September 2017, part time working in retail while my husband works within Tesco retail.

We get involved in helping out with Gifts Personalised 4 U as much as we can, helping in making designs, doing post office runs and watching over Dylan & Kyle.

After moving out late 2016 it became more difficult to help in the same ways as I did before living at home with parents, so this is one way in which I will continually be helping.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our business and products.

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